Alcatel-Lucent Interview Experiences and Tips

Course  : BTech

Branch  : Computer Science and Engineering(CSE)

Company in which selected : ALCATEL-LUCENT



Aptitude Test    :              60 Minutes

Quantitative       :              30 Minutes

Technical             :              30 Minutes



There were two rounds of technical interviews . Even though , this is a networking company , I told them that my area of interest is system design and operating system . For this reason , they took one more round of technical interviews for me after the HR round .

Interview 1 – This interview was purely mathematical . They asked me to derive the formula for total distance covered by a bouncing ball under gravity . After this , they asked me the variation of this problem – suppose you are living in a weird world where cofficient of restitution is >1 , then why the formula for e<1 is not working in this case . Give proper reason.

The next question was related to matrix . Suppose u have a nXn matrix and having different elements then , find out the realtion between minimum of maximum of each row and maximum of minimum of each column .

After this asked me questions from hashing , binary tree , graph and automata theory.

Interview 2 -This round was basically DS based . They asked me many questions from DS and bitwise operation in C. They asked me the following questions :
1) Design a data structure which contains the behaviour of a bag.
2) Write a method to sort the matrix such that each row should be in increasing order and each column should be in decreasing order and find the time complexity .
3) Write a dynamic programming solution for travelling sales man problem.
4) Many other questions from bitwise operations .

Interview 3: In this round they asked me some questions from system design , data structure and operating system .



In HR round, they asked me about my area of interest and some questions from networking.



The overall experince was very good. They were giving more importance to the approach , you are using for solving the problem , rather than the exact solution.



Concentrate on DS , OS and network . Solve puzzles and algorithmic questions given on various websites.

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