Capital IQ Written Test Questions, Interview Experiences and Tips

Course: Master of Computer Applications

Company: Capital IQ

Profile: Quality Analyst

Written Test: 

Aptitude Test: 25 Minutes

Technical: 20 Minutes


Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

First they give you job application form to fill and you can opt for any or combination of DBA/QA/BA/SE profile. Both the technical and aptitude questions were very easy. Some of the aptitude questions were calculation intensive, don’t waste your time on them leave them for the end. Technical question were from C, C++, and SQL. There was one combined paper only for 45 min.

If you apply for QA(quality analyst), then there was one extra section which we had to attempt. A calender interface was given and we had to point out good and bad points about the UI, one question was on teamwork and one on a situation in which you faced a problem, what was you thinking process and how you solved it.


There were 4 interview rounds, one in college for 10 min and then 3 in hyderabad for around 30 to 45 min each. HR and technical questions were mixed. I applied for QA post so there were not many technical questions asked. They asked about testing, what are different types of testing, black box testing, white box testing, bugs lifecycle, SE concepts. What approach will you take for testing gmail, Word editor, Indian express website etc. How can you load test a website. Project details??


Tell me about yourself, about projects, why do you want to be a QA, what are the challenges you will face as QA, Team work. The final round is Video conferencing with a person from their New York office, similar questions are asked here plus project work was discussed in detail. You should have good communication skills, be clear with what you want to do, what your job will be, try to speak as much as possible and don’t hesitate to ask questions when they ask you to.


The selection process is lengthy. But the best part is you get to see the work environment and the job you will be doing when you go to Hyderabad office for interview.


First decide the profile you want to opt for and stick to it. If you are applying for QA then study SE concepts and testing. Try to learn some of the opensource testing tool.[/sociallocker]

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    I have read on different websites, every body is saying different things about the interview and written test pattern. I have applied for software engineer and conducted will be conducted on 4th of may 2015 for Gurgaon office. Please give me some tips to crack the paper.


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