Coca Cola Job Interview Experience and GD Tips



Company in which selected : COCA COLA


No aptitude test was taken.




Name of the Topic / Task : Quality verses speed

Time Given : 20 Minutes


Details of the process and your contribution in Group Discussion:


The selection was based on the content and points put in the group discussion. The topic quality v/s speed has not much to talk. so I put my point as we can not compromise any one of them and we have to optimize the both speed and quality. Then they changed the topic to quantity v/s quality. In this I said that it depends upon type of production and the customers you are targeting. Most of the companies have both large production and good quality. Then they again switched the topic ” Khan v/s Kumar. Who is current bollywood Badshah?”

Every spoke on this topic. So their criterion remained on only first two topics. In this topic I said in favor of Kumar and said that currently Khan maybe bollywood king but as akshay kumar always magnetize the crowd and in future he is going to be bollywood king.




They asked me favourite subject and I said thermodynamics. The questions asked were as follows:

1. explain concept of vapor liquid equilibrium

2. explain principle of pressure cooker.

3. how cooking is affected in pressure cooker on higher altitudes?

4. give the equation having boiling point pressure relationship.



First of all they asked me to brief about myself. They asked me about my projects. Their main emphasis on the point was that being such good in technical why did I want to join that company? They asked me my hobbies?



It was a good experience specially in group discussion as the topics were not regular and interesting one. They provided sufficient time so that everyone can speak. In interview they were very light and emphasized equally on HR and technical. There was nothing special about whole procedure.



Ifyo u want this company prepare well for group discussion because that is critical and interview procedure is not very difficult. If you are  mediocre in technical then they will take you if you are good enough in communication skills. They said that location mobility is critical criterion for selection. So don’t specify any particular location if they ask you.

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