COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS Aptitude Test Questions, Placement Process and Interview Experiences

Course: Bachelor of Technology

Branch: Bio-Technology



Aptitude Test : 50 Minutes
Quantitative : 0 Minutes
Reasoning / Analytical : 30 Minutes
Verbal English : 20 Minutes
Technical : 0 Minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

  • The aptitude test was for 50 mins comprising of 2 sections: analytical for 30 mins and verbal for 20 mins.The test was conducted by Merit Trac.
  • The analytical part was quite easy and had questions like deductions,logical connectives,codes like if health is XLRIG what is wealth etc.
  • The reading part was a bit lengthy considering the time given.The questions were mainly comprehension and vocab based.
  • There were 5-6 questions on odd man out, sentence completion, finding the grammatically correct sentence,2 comprehension passages followed by 5 questions etc. Clearing the aptitude required more luck than skill as the questions asked were pretty easy.

GD was not part of the selection process.


There was only one round of interview and very few technical questions were asked. The interviewer asked me basic HR questions like:
1.Tell me about yourself.
2.Why become a software professional.
3.The skills required to b so.
4.project done etc
5.what is a flowsheet.

The interview was quite easy and just had to be dealt confidently.


This was my first interview and I was quite tensed about it. But it turned out to be a great experience for me. The interviewer was quite friendly and didn’t ask me any technical questions.The interview was for just 10 mins and I was told that the result would come out in the evening.


Confidence is the key. Be confident in whatever you say and don’t take much time about it. If any answer is not known just tell d interviewer frankly about it. Don’t write anything in the resume that you are not sure of and always try to maintain eye contact.

As for the aptitude test, there is no special need for preparation. You can crack the aptitude test if your vocab and English grammar is decent. They just check whether the individual is fit for the job and whether he/she can communicate well. ALL THE BEST.

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