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Are you a Working Professional?

And would you like to share your Job Interview Experience?

Well, this is what we have been trying to do for the last 4 years at SmartMentors. Give you the best resources to prepare for your Job Interviews.

And if you are reading this post, there is a high probability that you have been to SmartMentors earlier and went through a couple of other Job Interviews. Learnt what questions are normally asked in an interview, how does the selection process look like, would there be a GD or not – in short, you were well prepared before you even entered the Interview room. And we would like to help your juniors do the same.

All the interview experiences you went through on SmartMentors have been shared by people like you. But we can’t do this all alone, we need your help in assisting more people with their Job Interview Preparation.

What we are looking from you : We would like you to share your last Job Selection and Interview Experience with the rest of the community and assist your juniors in getting prepared. 

Your Interview Experience will be published on SmartMentors! Why not flaunt it too 😛

Please share your interview experience in the form below.

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  1. May name is rathodiya DINESH
    I am from vemar
    I. am 27 years
    I have done b.a in respective years 2013 from Gujarat uni
    May expirieance 3 months job in 121 process call center (do IT chani jakat naka ,ramakaka ni deri

  2. My name is Md Takim Akhtar
    I am from Jamshedpur
    I. am 23 years
    I have done Bsc IT in respective years 2015 from Jamshedpur
    My expirieance one years job in Philips office as a accounting in Tally ERP 7.0 in Jamshedpur

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