Ericsson Interview Tips,Aptitude Questions and Placement Process

Name: Gaurav Shekhar

Institute: Hindustan Institute of Technology, Greater Noida

Course: BTech

Branch: Computer Science and Engineering

Company: ERICSSON R&D(

Cutoff: 70%


Tell us about the placement procedure of the Company?What was the procedure of selection? Roughly how many people were short listed at each level? And how many were made final offers?

It started with an Aptitude Test for the Initial Screening.
The Next rounds were Technical Interviews and HR Round. There were multiple panels for Both.


Walk us through the GDs/Interviews of this company. The questions that you were asked and other details that you may remember would be of great help.

The Interviews were very basic, yet typical. Focussed a lot on Core topics. They generally ask you the things written in your CV.


What advice or tips would you like give to your juniors?

Dont Panic. Never put up wrong information in your CV. Be Honest. Never try to bluff. Admit things that you dont know. Nobody cares about what you learnt in college. All they want to check is that whether you would be able to learn and execute the things they want you to do.


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