FactSet Interview Experiences and Placement Questions

Institute: NIT Warangal

Course: BTech

Branch: Electronics and Communication Engg.(ECE)

Company: FactSet(http://www.factset.com/)

Tell us about the placement procedure of the Company?What was the procedure of selection? Roughly how many people were short listed at each level? And how many were made final offers?

Aptitude Test was for 60 minutes.There were 11 questions and all of them were subjective. The questions were from data structures, array, basic database, puzzle.

Some of the questions were like draw the circuit diagram of parallel switch(XOR), divide a linked list into three equal linked lists, find no of non-negative integers in a m*n array where each diagonal, rows and columns were given in ascending order, recursive sort in linked list, find the mirror image of tree. There was also a puzzle question, error correction question and a question from basic database.

They just wanted to see your approach on how you solve those questions.

Walk us through the GDs/Interviews of this company. The questions that you were asked and other details that you may remember would be of great help.


There were total 2 rounds of technical interview. In the first round they asked me question from C++ and C. They later asked me a question from data structure, basic database. They also asked me a puzzle question. The interviewer were very nice to me. Some of the question which they asked were like define dangling pointer, singleton class, virtual function, functiion overriding, the use of static keyword before a function name. They also asked me what does main function returns, how to find mirror image of a tree, how to check whether a linked list is circular or not.

In second round they asked me the difference between tree and hashing, when to use hashing and when to use tree. they also asked me questions from javascript.

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  1. M.GOPI says:

    Hello sir, iwould like to join this company.because of wher my background skills canbe utilized and developed .I have always wanted to work with company. So if you have any information about FACTSET REQRIUTMENT please sent me my mail. gopi.mcom9@gmail.com

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