FactSet Research Systems Job Interview Process, Technical Test Questions

Course: Bachelor of Technology

Branch: Computer Science and Engineering

Company in which Selected: FactSet Research Systems Inc.(http://www.factset.com/)


Technical Test: 60 Minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

The written test is for 1 hour and it is a subjective paper. The paper consists of 10 questions and we should write code for them.The questions are simple just need to identify the logic and write the code.A Few questions are from data structures (linked lists,binary trees). The overall paper is good. They didnt see the exact code with syntax but they need only the approach for solving the problem.Finally they shortlisted 27 students from the written test.


We have 2 technical interviews and a HR. The interviews were pretty cool.

My first round went on for 40 min.In the first round,they asked me some simple C,C++ questions,questions like can we overload main function and other stuff. They asked in data structures like linked lists,binary search trees, finding closest common ancestor for two nodes. And they asked in databases, given a scenario design a database(ER diagram) and other stuff. And then he asked me about my project and a few puzzles.

In the second round, it is completely logic based questions and presence of mind is a must. He asked on linked lists and their manipulations like detect a loop in the list,find the middle node without counting the number of nodes,find 1/3rd node in a list by traversing only once( i mean if there are 9 nodes, our function should return 3rd node) and questions on operating systems like what is a thread,virtual memory,their advantages,process synchronization,about semaphores and other stuff.


He asked basic questions like tell me about yourself,my goals,where do you see yourself 5 years from now,hobbies and other stuff.


The interviews are pretty cool.They gave enough time to think for the solution.They tried to confuse me but i didn’t get confused.They have covered all the important topics in C,C++,DS,OS,DBMS.They just saw my approach but don’t need the exact code.The overall experience is good.


I suggest you to be master in C,C++, Data structures.And have basic knowledge in operating systems.Don’t get confused and be confident and you can really do well. Solve crack the interview questions and that will really help you a lot.Also solve many puzzles.Be patient and don’t get panic if you don’t get the job. There will definitely be a company that is waiting for you.Just be confident!All the very Best !!