FMC Technologies Interview and Aptitude Test Questions

Branch: Mechanical Engineering

Comapany: FMC Techmologies(

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

Subj: Strength of Materials, Design and Thermodynamics

  • fine and coarse threads in screws, which require more torque while tightening, which has more slipping, more strength etc.
  • How do we specify a bearing
  • bending moment diagram, stress distribution in various cross sections
  • section modulus, stress strain diagram of brittle and ductile elements and different points in it, true strain..
  • Different failures
  • different shapes of section will be given and the one with least Z
  • a trucks’s wheel is stuck in a hole, how can we help it out

Details of the process and your contribution:



The interviews were very long both HR and technical.

Technical interviews were mainly based on our mistakes in written tests. They basically wanted to know our approach of solving, they helped us out in thinking logically and answering the questions.


  • Otto and diesel cycle
  • 2nd law
  • reasons of irreversibility
  • throttling process
  • Working of a pump, their losses and performance curves, cavitation and its solution


  • Underwater(subsea) assembly problems and solutions
  • superfinishing process
  • what is boring and honing
  • diff between shaper and planer,
  • how do we lubricate mating parts(by grooves over the mating parts and pumping lubricants)
  • materials used for cutting tool.

They asked me about the softwares i used(as they were also using ANSYS softwares) and a few questions like navier stokes’ and euler’s equation.The best part of the technical interview was the final level where Boss will give a ppt of one of their product’s design and will partially explain it and rest will have to be explained by us, provide design solutions and simplifications, where will failures occur…. Those who can visualise properly can answer these questions…this is a very interesting round.


  • Tell me about yourself, about my family, hobbies,
  • why FMC technologies
  • About my higher studies


This is a very good company for those who are interested in modelling, design and FEA analysis(a little). The kinda of work is CAD modeling of subsea systems and making subsea design solutions and mechanisms…

FMC tech, India mainly deals with subsea systems and surface well heads.



Make sure you have proper knowledge of what ever u say as they will keep asking questions on it.
Basically what i did was i always tried to extend my HR interviews reduce the tech part but make sure you can answer all the technical questions…

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  • November 26, 2013 at 7:26 am

    Could you tell me which company conducted the aptitude test for FMC?
    And also what are all the major topics to focus on?


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