Michelin Aptitude Questions,Interview Experiences and Placement Papers



Company in which selected : MICHELIN



Aptitude Test : 120 Minutes


Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

The First Test was comprising of Four sections:

1.Quantitative and Aptitude Questions

2.Reasoning/Analytical Questions

3.Verbal English Questions

4. This is the most important section: It has six questions about your Goal in Life,Strengths,Weaknesses,Achievements,Leadership qualities and instances,Organizing skills.

We were given 2 hours for the entire Test.The first three sections were simple and of basic questions.But care must be taken while answering the rest six questions, because further interviews would be carried out completely on those answers.

Shortlisted candidates were called for the interviews.



Technical Interview was not done but in some of the HR interviews, questions were asked about the Final year project,Industrial training/projects etc., which were in the resume.



HR interviews were done in two stages.


First interview was in college and some general HR questions were asked like

i) Tell us about yourself?

ii) Tell us about strengths and weaknesses?

iii) Why do you want to join MICHELIN?

iv) Why should we take you?

v) What do you know about MICHELIN?

vi) Would you like to go abroad for the training/job?

vii) How would you see yourself in next 5 years?

viii)Tell us some instances where you have shown leadership skills, Organizing skills? etc., and details of the answers written for the six questions in the prelims test. These answers are very important and should be perfect.

Shortlisted candidates were called for final interviews in CHENNAI.



The final round of interviews were also HR interviews and three foreigners from UK,Dutch,US have taken the interviews for me individually. Every interview was almost similar and basic HR questions were asked in every interview.

As a whole, questions were asked about my personality, goals, willingness to join the company,proper planning of your career, how would you prove yourself best for the company, about final year project, industrial training and projects etc.,

And through out the entire process the resume and answer book with the answers to the six questions in the prelims were seen and questions were asked about them.



First of all MICHELIN is a very good world class company and I wished to get selected by looking at the company’s profile, environment, future chances of career growth etc., About the interview I observed that most of the interviewers were very friendly and i did not feel any stress or pressure at any time.

The organizing,leadership and management skills were examined very well and were found to be very useful.



Be confident on what you say in the interview because most of it is HR and stand on your answer, don’t jump between sides.

Your resume should be very perfect and let it not contain anything about which you are not confident enough to answer.

Most important things about this company were

i) The BOND/service agreement was for FIVE years

ii) The compensation which you need to pay if you break the bond and mode of its payment

iii) The salary which you get if the training is in foreign

iv) Duration and location of the training etc., and we did not have clear information about these things till the end.

It is adviced to have very clear idea of these things at least before you attend the final interviews of some of Multi National Companies like MICHELIN.

Finally, Be cool,get relaxed,have a SMILE on your face and ROCK the interview.

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