Mu Sigma Placement Process, Written Test and Interview Questions

Name : Rohit Agrawal

Course : B-Tech

Institute : College Of Engineering And Technology, Bhubaneswar

Company in which you have been placed : Mu-Sigma

Tell us about the placement procedure of the Company? What was the procedure of selection? Roughly how many people were short listed at each level? And how many were made final offers?

There were 7 rounds, the first being written, in which we were asked to solve 15 questions and the cutoff was 13. The next round was a Video Synthesis round in which a video was shown to us and we were asked to summarize it.Then there were 2 more written rounds. Then there was a Group case Study in which we were asked to solve a practical problem faced by the client. Then finally 2 interviews were there.

From all this procedure finally 4 students cleared it.

Walk us through the GDs/Interviews of this company. The questions that you were asked and other details that you may remember would be of great help.

In the 1st interview which was a technical one I was given three practical real life problem which company got as its work and I was asked to suggest ways.

The 2nd interview was a HR interview. In this general questions were asked .

What advice or tips would you like give to your juniors?

Work hard . Stop Rote Learning. Be practical

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