Siemens Aptitude Questions and Interview Experiences

Course: BTech

Branch: ECE



Title of Position : Graduate trainee engineer
Selection Process : Online Written Test (Analytical)
Online Written Test (Technical)
Personal Interview (HR)
Personal Interview (Technical)
Training : 1 year



Aptitude Test : 48 Minutes
Quantitative : 6 Minutes
Reasoning / Analytical : 6 Minutes
Verbal English : 6 Minutes
Technical : 30 Minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

  • Quantitative: Data interpretation–Graphs, Pie charts problems—8 questions
  • analytical: very easy puzzles.. u will rock –8 questions
  • verbal: tough comprehensions—8 questions
  • technical: very easy questions–composing of theory (the most) and direct problems–30 questions
  • theory: control systems, power systems(no protections bits), network analysis, machines..




He asked me very basic questions:
1) tell me abt urself—–say abt name, schooling, college-events,etc, projects, miniprojects, papers,etc..
2) basic questions on power transmission, operating principles of motors, mini project(in my case), paper, circuit breakers,faults.

Note: try to change the topic if you dont know the topic by introduction some terminology which you know its definition..he will certainly ask about them…i.e you are changing his question.(plz do smile and laugh when you get the chance)


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