Futures First Interview Experience,Aptitude Questions,Placement Process

Company: Future First(http://www.futuresfirst.in/)


A test was taken on computer. 6 mins and 40 questions were asked. All maths calculation based. Mainly it was to check the speed of calculations. Cut off was around 24.

55 students were selected from those who appeared. Then a written apti test was held. 30 mins was given and there were 30 questions. Cut off was around 17.

25 students were selected from 55. Before the interview was taken, a questionare was given to be filled. It had questions like:

  1. How much do you rate yourself as a risk taker on a scale of 10??
  2. How will your friend describe you??
  3. What is your favourite subject??
  4. Personality related questions were asked.
  5. Give an example of leadership quality if u possess.

A copy of the CV was checked. If the percentage in academics is not consistent, they ask for the reason of decrease or increase. I had interest in general knowledge, so related questions were asked such as:

1: Who is the president of India??

2: Who is the vice president??

3: Capital and currencies of various countries etc.

A discussion was held. Question being:  What do you wish to say about the commonwealth games?

There were around 46 days left. So a question was asked,  if given the responsibility of arranging the games, then will you?? What will you do? Suppose only 15 days are left, then will you take the responsibility??

If you get selected in another job, then will you join??

Given as much money as you want and work less, then will you work?

Where your interest is?

Recent sports related questions were asked. Then simple maths questions  were asked. Finally 5 students were selected. 2 from COE, 1 from EE, 1 from CIVIL and 1 from BT.


  • They try to build pressure everytime but u should know how to handle them.
  • No tech interview.
  • Apti questions should be carefully done.
  • Never look the watch while solving the maths questions, you don’t have time for that.
  • They are very experienced people, so be true. Speak frankly and straight forward.

Futures First Interview Tips and Experiences

Company: Future First(http://www.futuresfirst.in/)

No. Of students appeared – 250



This test took place in 2 rounds.


This round took place for only 6 minutes and 40 questions were asked to be solved.

The questions were only calculation  based and of only BODMAS type. This round tested the basic mental maths skills of all applicants and was the main factor of elimination.

Only 50 students were selected after this round


In this round questions testing aptitude and analytical skills were asked. A few questions on data interpretation and logical reasoning were also asked. Logical reasoning had questions of IQ type. In data interpretation questions involving analysis and guessing of data information were asked.

16 students were shortlisted after this round.


The interview took place for 20 minutes and only HR questions were asked.

Questions like how much risk can you take in life and how much decision making ability do you have were asked.

Also questions asking for your market knowledge were asked. The interview aimed at checking how much stress can you take on in any practical life situation.

No questions on your CV were asked.


  • To improve your calculations skills in the first round of written test, learn up the first fifty squares by heart.
  • Take efficient practice to improve your calculation skills
  • Try to improve your market knowledge and knowledge about stocks
  • In this company, rather than your percentage and what you have done in college hardly matters, but how much output you give on the day matters

Futures First

Company: Futures First(http://www.futuresfirst.in/)

Open for : ALL branches

Written test:

1.)    The written test had 40 questions (all high speed calculations) to be done in 6 minutes.

2.)    There were BODMAS type questions, 2 decimal place calculations etc

3.)    I answered around 36 questions.

The second written round had 40 questions (quant,LR/DI types) to be done in one hour. And I guess the cutoff was around 16-17 questions.


1.) The panel had 4 people- 1 director and 3 traders.

2.) The first question they asked me was why I chose trading. I said it was not a run of the mill kind thing… was something different.. I also stated the Black Swan Theory( in context to trading). This I thought impressed them quite a bit.

3.) My CV said that I had  a startup  (navigatedelhi.com). They started grilling me on why I wasn’t going for the startup and why I was after trading. I failed to convince them..

4.) They proceeded with the next round of questions…. Five reasons why I wanted to be a trader…

5.) And then rapid fire questions like the Vice President of India..etc.. I was taken aback but I managed to answer all  correct.



1.) You should focus on 2 digit analytical calculations.

2.) You should remember all fractions. (eg 1/8 = 12.5%)

3.) You should know what stocks, options etc are.