SourceBits Aptitude Questions, Interview Experiences Tips and Placement Process

Course: Master of Computer Applications Company: SourceBits Written Test Aptitude Test: 30 minutes Technical Test: 30 minutes Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections: Aptitute test: Basic aptitude questions which are very easy. From area, volume,… Continue Reading

SourceBits Placement Process and Job Interview Tips

Name: Abhinav Priya Institute: Govt. Model Engineering College, Cochin Course: BTech Company: SourceBits Technologies Cutoff: 60% and above   Tell us about the placement procedure of the Company?What was the procedure of selection? Roughly how many people were short listed at each… Continue Reading

Sourcebits Visits BITS GOA | 9 Offers

About SourceBits: Sourcebits is a software development company with offices in Bangalore, India and Atlanta, USA. Established in April 2006, the company has a strength of over two hundred award-winning developers and designers. Sourcebits is at the bleeding edge of emerging… Continue Reading