Tata Motors Written Test,GD and Interview Questions

Branch: – Production Engineering

Company: – Tata Motors

%age: – 64.3%

D.R.: – 16

Job Profile: – Graduate Engineer Trainee

Cutoff: – 60% with no current backlogs

Written test: –

1.)    The written test had around 70 questions as far as I remember. There were apti, DI and tech questions too.

2.)    The apti and DI were very simple but the tech questions were very simple. And yes there were some word meanings too.

3.)    It was an online test with 45 seconds for every question.

4.)    In the tech part there was mostly Thermodynamics or strength of materials.

G.D :-

We were given a topic: How cricket in India has deteriorated…

Interview: –

1.)    I was mostly asked about my Maruti Internship. They were very interested in knowing where I was working..as in which shop/workstation  and who my mentor was..

2.)    I was also questioned about my projects in Maruti and about my skills in computer aided designing.

3.)    They grilled me thoroughly…asked me everything I had written in my CV. Asked me in detail about the articles I had written.

4.)    They asked me whether I wanted to stay in Delhi or I would be happy anywhere.

5.)    I said I had a genuine interest for the company and not for any particular place.

6.)    I was asked about my family background and they even asked me why my parents had chosen a non science background.

7.)    I was asked whether I had any problem in going to Pantnagar..

8.)    They also asked me whether I was preparing for CAT..

Tips: –

1.)    During interviews …look straight in the eye of whoever is questioning you.

2.)    There has to be a balance between diplomacy and honesty.

3.)    Sit for only those companies for which you have a genuine interest.

4.)    I would like to recommend a book for all written rounds – –  Mechanical Engineering Objective by Khurmi and Gupta

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