VIT Student’s CAPITAL IQ Interview Experience and Placement Tips

Name: Akshay Gupta

Institute: VIT University

Course: BTech

Branch: Computer Science and Engineering

Company: CAPITAL IQ(

Cutoff: 8 CGPA, 80% in 10th and 12th


Tell us about the placement procedure of the Company?What was the procedure of selection? Roughly how many people were short listed at each level? And how many were made final offers?

Was a long procedure.

First a written round consisting of 5 sections – Aptitude, Programming, Database, Business Analysis/ Quality Assurance and a general situation based section.

Aptitude Questions were easy. The programming and Database sections were of descent standard with certain good coding questions and some good SQL queries. BA/QA section was to be attempted by people applying for that post, which I didn’t. The final section had a question – “Have you ever faced any problem in your life? How did you solve it?” I don’t think it was considered.

Around 30 people were shortlisted for the GD. The GD was on general social topics like “Importance of Subsidy of LPG”, “Urbanization v/s ruralization” and “Should Govt. be allowed to monitor our mails and chats?”

Interviews for technical posts – Software Engineer and Database Administrator lasted for around 30 mins to 1 hour. 7 People were shortlisted for final round of interview in Hyderabad.

In Hyderabad everyone had 2 rounds of interviews and finally 3 people were selected.

But in the end I feel that Capital IQ gives lots of importance to the CGPA. This was evident from the fact that the final 3 students who were selected had the highest CGPA among those shortlisted for the Hyderabad round.


Walk us through the GDs/Interviews of this company. The questions that you were asked and other details that you may remember would be of great help.

The GDs were pretty normal. People who were involved in the discussion and were willing to listen to others got through.

The interviews were post specific. For Software Engineers the focus was on OOPs and Data Structures with a little bit of SQL.

For DBA, the interview was completely on your database skills. Questions were asked on Indexing, Concurrency Control, ACID properties, SQL queries, relationship schema, RAID, etc. In short everything of Database. There will be lots of things of which you have no idea. The technical Interview was of around 1.5 hours and was tiring.

Then there was a HR type round wherein I was asked some technical questions (not tough) and certain standard HR questions like – Why You?, Why Capital IQ?, Why DBA?


What advice or tips would you like give to your juniors?

You should be very good in explaining your projects. What is its use? How you developed it? You have to make your project appeal to the interview panel.
You should be very careful in making your CV. There should be nothing in your CV of which you aren’t sure. For example, I suck at Computer networks. So my CV has no mention of the word “network”.

Try to give as many solutions to a problem as you can give. Sometimes the interviewers want to see if you can come up with different approaches.


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