Wipro Technologies Placement Procedure,Interview Experience and WrittenTest

Name: Anish Nookla

Branch: – Information Technology BIFT

Institute: Sastra University

Company: -Wipro Technologies

Cutoff: -6.0 CGPA,10th,12th 60%

Tell us about the placement procedure of the Company?What was the procedure of selection? Roughly how many people were short listed at each level? And how many were made final offers?

Written Test was conducted for shortlisting around 220/roughly 500 ppl who were then asked to attend interview. Interview consisted of two rounds,Technical and HR. As we waited for our turn for technical interview they’ve asked us to write an essay on some topic related to Indian population. If we clear technical interview we’ll be asked to fill up large number of forms including address and other formalities and will be asked to wait for our turn for HR interview else we’ll be asked leave roughly 140 cleared technical interview HR interview will be normal introductory interview and sometimes may contain discussion on essay that we’ve written! 132 cleared HR interview results of placed i.e 132 students were announced on the same night.

Walk us through the GDs/Interviews of this company. The questions that you were asked and other details that you may remember would be of great help. 

Java program on inheritance and abstraction. Practical example of those concepts. Conversation about MS VisualStudio and .net as I’ve written in my resume. Questions about CGPA,college etc etc.  questions depending on your resume.  HR interview only lasted for about a minute in my case.

Tips to Juniors: –

Stay confident when answering .Don’t worry about programming .Just tell what ever related you know about the question asked. Prepare for written test.10 technical questions will be asked in written test usually cut of in technical section is very low (2 or 3)attempt enough number of questions from both quant and verbal sections so that you clear if sectional cut off is implemented. Communicate effectively during HR interview. All de best!!


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