ZS Associates Interview Questions and Case Study Tips

Company: ZS Associates (www.zsassociates.com)

Branch: Civil Engineering

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

Quantitative: There were 2 questions. One was based on speed, distance & time and the other was on probability. Both of them needed a little bit of intuition and common sense.

Analytical: 3 questions were analytical and required subjective answers and thus a good IQ and writing skills were essential.


Name of the Topic / Task : Nuclear Deal between India and USA.
Time Given : 15 Minutes

Details of the process and your contribution:

There were 8 of us for the GD round. We were then taken to the board room and were asked to sit in a circular fashion around the table. We were provided with notepads and pens, one per person. The topic was then announced by the panel members and we were given two minutes time to get prepared. Soon, we were asked to start the discussion. Over the span of 15-16 minutes, I brought to the table a few valid points such as the current national political scenario and the responses of many International bodies with regards to the deal. In the end, we were asked to summarize and conclude the discussion individually. Other than the GD, there was also a case study where I was given the task of analyzing a fictitious candy company’s sales and set local goals for the salesmen. Also there was a round called ‘Guesstimate’ where I was asked to logically predict/guess the total number of cricket balls sold in India in one year.


There was only one interview for me. It was a mixture of technical and HR. As far as the technical part goes, I was tested for my knowledge of engineering mathematics, probability distribution curves, etc.. For the HR part, I was asked various questions such as ‘Why do you think ZS should select you?’, ‘Why did you choose to apply for ZS?’, ‘How do you see yourself in the next 10 years?’, etc.. I was quite prepared for these questions and answered them as I deemed fit.


It was a thoroughly enriching experience for me. Initially, at the Pre-Placement talk, I was dazzled by the credentials of the delegation from ZS Associates. The manner in which the process of PPT was conducted was very professional and all the aspects were covered in the one and a half hour presentation. Although it was a very serious occasion, the delegation made me feel comfortable and were very encouraging throughout the process. All in all, it was a day whose memories I will cherish throughout my lifetime.


My suggestion to juniors would be:

1)Brush up your intermediate and engineering level mathematics.

2)Keep yourself abreast of current affairs as they are of vital importance to sail through the GD and the Case Study rounds.

3)Improve your Communicative skills.

4)Have an idea about the ‘Guesstimate’ and learn how to logically approach a given problem.

5)A good statistical approach is essential to provide a convincing solution to the problem stated in the case interviews.

6)Be prepared for all kinds of HR questions.

7)Also, a high level of confidence and enthusiasm are sought after by the company.

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